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On 21 April 2022, EIIR: The Platinum Record, a Jubilee Anthem was released to the public via music streaming platforms worldwide. Both songs on the album debuted at #1 and #2 on the iTunes Classical Music chart in the UK. The album debuted at #27 on the iTunes UK Top 100 Albums chart. Help keep this musical celebration of her Majesty’s 70-year reign alive by downloading, streaming, and purchasing the album!

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About EIIR: The Platinum Record

In celebration of the Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty, The Queen, a new Jubilee Anthem has been commissioned by the British Monarchists Society featuring the incomparable Lesley Garrett CBE, Rodney Earl Clarke, and the London Community Gospel Choir“EIIR: The Platinum Record” is comprised of two individual tracks creating one musical celebration to mark Her Majesty’s record-breaking achievement of 2022. Composed by Royal Composer, Dr. Olga Thomas and Crossover Classical Tenor, composer, and producer, Anton Van Der Mere, with lyrics by Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills, the Jubilee Anthem project visionary and Founder of the British Monarchists Society, and Anton Van Der Mere, the Anthem is not only a musical journey through the Queen’s life, but also an epic circumnavigation around the Commonwealth, discovering the musical representations of Her Majesty’s Realms. This new Jubilee Anthem is a truly reflective and all encompassing tribute to Her Majesty, and the service she has given all of her people around the globe.

Two Musical Tracks, One Historic Project

EIIR: The Platinum Record” is comprised of both a classical and a crossover world-music style work, incorporating a symbolic British classical ceremonial introduction, representative of each nation within the United Kingdom, which seamlessly glides in between the world’s continents and regions, guiding the listener to the farthest corners of the Commonwealth in a glorious sound tapestry of African, Indian, Australasian, Caribbean, and Scottish/Celtic flavours. The new Jubilee anthem is created in two-parts, a wonderful and truly classical introduction by Royal Composer, Dr. Olga Thomas, titled “The Four British Nations”.

This wonderful piece is composed in a British State pomp theme, an Elgar-esque inspired creation, produced by renowned British conductor Robert Emery, which lends to the suggestion of both a slow and quick march of Her Majesty’s guards, framed by the powerful reverberations of State trumpets, with chants and shouts of “Vivat”, “Regina”, and “Elizabetha” arranged by Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills, which re-creates images of Her Majesty’s Coronation of June 1953.

(Your Majesty) We Thank You From Our Hearts”, composed by Anton Van Der Mere, with lyrics by Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills and Anton Van Der Mere, produced by Etienne Lane and Anton Van Der Mere, will introduce the world-showcase of sounds with a sumptuous melding and transition from a classical State production into the fresh and lively sounds of Her Majesty’s Realms, including but not limited to, steel drums of the Caribbean, the Didgeridoo of Australia, Hindi, Maori, and Swahili chants referencing Her Majesty, as well as other musical representations found around the world under Britain’s global Crown with Her Majesty firmly rooted as the one sure constant unifying us all. 

Announcement, Release Date, & Notes

The announcement date for the Jubilee Anthem, “EIIR: The Platinum Record Record”, took place on Accession Day (6 February) 2022.

The release date of EIIR: The Platinum Record, A Jubilee Anthem will take place on Her Majesty’s Birthday – 21 April 2022. The Platinum Jubilee Anthem will be accompanied by a music video, depicting some of the greatest highlights of the Queen’s reign within Her Realms thus far. The anthem will be released on all major digital outlets and will also be available for purchase on this website as well as on the BMS website.

Notes: The use of the Official Platinum Jubilee Logo and the EIIR Cypher are used/displayed in accordance with official guidance as outlined and provided by Buckingham Palace and the official website of the British Monarchy at 


The Four British Nations

Executive Producer: Robert Emery
Composed By: Dr. Ogla Thomas
Vocals By: Lesley Garrett CBE, Rodney Earl Clarke, The London Community Gospel Choir
Lyrics & Project By: Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills
Created & Produced for: The British Monarchists Society

(Your Majesty) We Thank You From Our Hearts

Executive Producer: Etienne Lane – Song Evolution Ltd. & Anton Van der Mere – Nanto Productions
Composed By: Anton Van der Mere
Lyrics By: Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills & Anton Van der Mere
Vocals By: 
Lesley Garrett CBE, Rodney Earl Clarke, The London Community Gospel Choir
Etienne Lane – Song Evolution Ltd.
Project By: Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills
Created & Produced for: The British Monarchists Society

Cover Design/Theme By: Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills

©2022 BMS Records Ltd / The British Monarchists Society Ltd
All Rights Reserved

The Artists

Household names such as Britain’s most recognised Soprano, Lesley Garett CBE, the West End’s and iTV’s Rodney Earl Clarke, and the award-winning London Community Gospel Choir, together form the vocal concentration of this new musical celebration created for Her Majesty’s record-breaking milestone. 

Lesley Garett CBE

Rodney Earl Clarke

Community Gospel Choir

EIIR: The Platinum Record Sound Byte (Sample)

EIIR: The Platinum Record

“(Your Majesty) We Thank You From Our Hearts”

– CHORUS 4 – 

“Your Majesty will always be, our pride and joy applaud,
The Mother of this nation, United Kingdom and beyond,
You’re the diamond in this Platinum crown,
Forever in our thoughts, Your Majesty we thank you from our hearts…”

*Lyrics by Thomas Mac-Archer-Mills and Anton Van Der Mere

The Creators

The team behind the creation of EIIR: The Platinum Record is comprised of Royal Composer Dr. Olga Thomas, Crossover Classical Tenor/Composer/lyricist/producer Anton Van Der Mere, and Jubilee Anthem project visionary, lyricist, Royal expert, historian, and founder of the British Monarchists Society, Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills.

Dr. Ogla Thomas

Anton Van Der Mere

Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills

Anthem History

EIIR: The Platinum Record is a thought that has been 10-years in the making, a celebratory project created as a follow-up to the successful 2012 BMS Jubilee Anthem “Like A Diamond”, which was created for the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty in 2012. Seeing the impression left by their Diamond Jubilee creation, Royal expert and historian, Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills, Founder of the British Monarchists Society, thought that the organisation could improve vastly on its musical contributions to the Platinum Jubilee of 2022, and set out to create a truly representative tapestry of sound which would engage and represent each nation that Her Majesty has touched over the past seventy years. This propelled Mace-Archer-Mills, in the winter of 2021, to reached out to his long-time friend, Crossover Classical Tenor, Composer and Producer, Anton Van Der Mere, a well-known South African vocalist and song writer, to discuss the creation of a new Jubilee Anthem for 2022, but to put 70-years of symbolism and service by our beloved Monarch into a five-minute musical creation was not an easy task. Read More

EIIR: The Platinum Record Demo

The Demo to EIIR: The Platinum Record (We Thank You From Our Hearts) was recorded by Anton Van Der Mere and Georgina Dayer on the 13th September 2021, after all parties involved with the musical creation were satisfied with the initial instrumental track created by Anton and Ettienne Lane of Songevolution Studios. The demo was recorded at Big Noise Recording Studios in Rayleigh, Essex by studio owner Simon. From beginning to end, the Demo took 4 hours to complete,  including additional vocal arrangement and harmony recordings. The rough vocals once recorded were then finally mixed by Ettienne to deliver the end product which has now been sent to several household name artists who have been approached to belong to this project.

Anton Van Der Mere
Anotn demo 1
Georgina demo
Anton demo 2

The Jubilee 2022 Anthem EIIR: The Platinum Record (We Thank You from Our Hearts) would not be possible without the participation and support of the following organisations and individuals. We thank all of those who have made this musical tribute to Her Majesty, on the occasion of Her Platinum Jubilee, a splendid and jubilant reality!


Behind The Scenes Gallery

Rodney Earl Clarke, Lesley Garrett CBE, Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills, Dr. Olga Thomas, Anton Van Der Mere
The London Community Gospel Choir, Dr. Olga Thomas, Georgina Dayer
Rodey Earl Clarke, Lesley Garrett CBE and the London Community Gospel Choir
Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills and Dr. Olga Thomas
Dr. Olga Thomas, Anton Van Der Mere ad Lesley Garrett CBE
Anton Van Der Mere, Rodney Earl Clarke
Anton Van Der Mere

The launch Evening

The British Monarchists Society celebrated the world premiere of EIIR: The Platinum Record, a Jubilee Anthem commissioned in honor of the Queen’s 96th birthday and 70-year reign. On 20 April, the eve of Her Majesty’s 96th birthday, BMS presented the premiere performance of the Anthem for members of the Royal household, Lords and Members of Parliament, High Commissioners, celebrities, Royal Warrant Holders, and VIPs at The Rubens at the Palace in London. The live performance featured England’s national treasure and soprano Lesley Garrett CBE and West End’s baritone and LES MISERABLES star Rodney Earl Clarke. On 21 April, The Platinum Album was released to the public via music streaming platforms worldwide. Both songs on the album debuted at #1 and #2 on the iTunes Classical Music chart in the UK. The album debuted at #27 on the iTunes UK Top 100 Albums chart.

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Special Thanks

The creators behind this Jubilee project would like to give special thanks to all of the artists and musicians who have helped bring this musical celebration to life. The British Monarchists Society,  English National Opera (ENO), GoGoDoc,  Nineteen Fifteen Productions, and The Rubens at The Palace Hotel are especially noteworthy in their support of this project. All creators involved within the project would like to personally thank each and every individuals who has contributed to their lives so willingly and graciously by contributing to their talents, skills, and hearts which has allowed them to make this project such a wonderful success thus far.

All involved would also like to thank Her Majesty for her record-breaking years of service, which have proven to be more than just example and inspiration, but aspiration, dedication, and duty – all attributes exhibited by the only Monarch they have ever known. It is with great admiration and affection that they proclaim, “God Save The Queen!”

2012 BMS Diamond Jubilee Anthem

The British Monarchists Society is no stranger to the music world, or creating celebratory works in honour of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. For the Diamond Jubilee of 2012, The British Monarchists Society commissioned their musical tribute Like A Diamond, written by and performed by Anton Lorien. BMS Founder, Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills, was on hand to help with the lyrics and the symbolism of the verses, which helped to create a spectacular song to celebrate 60-years of service by Her Majesty, The Queen.

With proceeds supporting the Diamond Jubilee Trust, and a moving video to accompany the song, Like A Diamond has been viewed well over one-million plus times on YouTube and gained notoriety as the alternative Jubilee Anthem to that of the BBC and Gary Barlow MBE. CTV (Canada News) featured the British Monarchists Society during their coverage of the Diamond Jubilee with a segment called “Battle of the Jubilee Anthems” in which CTV not only played clips of the BMS Anthem Like A Diamond but interviewed the BMS Spokesman at the time. The British Monarchists Society was the commissioning and funding body and is noted on Discogs for Like A Diamond being “Produced For”. 

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