Anthem History

Seeing the impression left by their Diamond Jubilee creation, Royal expert and historian, Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills, Founder of the British Monarchists Society, thought that the organisation could improve vastly on its musical contributions to the Platinum Jubilee of 2022, and set out to create a truly representative tapestry of sound which would engage and represent each nation that Her Majesty has touched over the past seventy years. This propelled Mace-Archer-Mills, in the winter of 2021, to reached out to his long-time friend, Crossover Classical Tenor, Composer and Producer, Anton Van Der Mere, a well-known South African vocalist and song writer, to discuss the creation of a new Jubilee Anthem for 2022, but to put 70-years of symbolism and service by our beloved Monarch into a five-minute musical creation was not an easy task.

Working closely with Van Der Mere over several months during lockdown, over the phone, through email and on zoom, the duo toiled to strike just the right feel for the new Jubilee anthem with the creation of colourful, yet deep visual symbolism through meaningful lyrics, which after months of deliberation led Mace-Archer-Mills to sign-off on the verses he and Van Der Mere created, which was then put to music by Van Der Mere and his Co-Producer Etienne Lane.

Many hours were spent on research, writing lyrics, composing the melody, chord structure, and musical arrangement to create a truly resplendent celebration of Her Majesty. As education and a profound knowledge of Royal history was to be the basis of the Jubilee Anthem, Mace-Archer-Mills drew upon his decades of knowledge and experience in the Royal world and drafted a timeline of both iconic and symbolic milestones within Her Majesty’s reign which would form the basis for each verse he and Van Der Mere would create. As a starting point, both men knew that Royal history would be but a small part of their project and set out to research world music from prominent Commonwealth Nations. This valuable research would be the key to the success of this anthem, which includes the use of traditional instruments, rhythmic patterns, choral and vocal chanting, as well as arrangement styles.

In working with Mace-Archer-Mills to develop the authentic feel of their anthem, Van Der Mere, being South African born, would often draw on his younger years of singing with prestigious multi-racial South African Choirs, where traditional African segments were always a part of the standard programme. This led to the Swahili four-part harmony choral segment that begins the first part of the world showcase Mace-Archer-Mills and Van Der Mere have created. In wishing to authenticate the international theme and feel even more, Van Der Mere asked his good friend and former colleague, Amita Sharma, to assist in the traditional Hindi style chanting featured in the song. Van Der Mere’s musical career afforded him travel experiences to Australasia also helped which both he and Mace-Archer-Mills were able to draw upon to assist in creating the right Māori praise chanting to further decorates specific segments of their creation. Further hours were spent choosing the international instruments Mace-Archer-Mills and Van Der Mere wished to feature in their composition, to further capture a true world sound which they agreed would properly represent the peoples of Her Majesty’s Realms and the greater Commonwealth of Nations.  Their efforts to create a truly resplendent celebration of Her Majesty through music has resulted in the world showcase “We Thank You from Our Hearts”

Although EIIR: The Platinum Record was created as an all-inclusive creation, it has two distinct segments which appeals to not only cross-over world music types, but also those from the classical world. Wishing to further create a more distinct feel for the British Isles and its home nations of England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland, to balance the eclectic international tapestry created by the musicality created with Anton Van Der Mere, Mace-Archer-Mills felt it appropriate in the Spring of 2021, to invite friend, Royal Composer, and BMS Core Patron, Dr. Olga Thomas, to create a separate introduction to “We Thank You From Our Hearts”. Dr. Thomas’ contribution with “The Four British Nations” was created to illuminate the long-standing pomp and tradition associated with British State music. Working alongside Dr. Thomas’ piano, over the phone, through zoom, and eventually together over tea, Mace-Archer-Mills and Dr. Thomas were able to formulate a beautiful orchestration, to which Mace-Archer-Mills arranged the iconic Latin exaltations of “Vivat, Regina and Elizabetha” as the main call to glorification similar to those words immortalised by Parry at Her Majesty’s Coronation in 1953. Though each musical contribution within the Jubilee Anthem is vastly different, both musical products create one celebration of unity through the diversity of world sounds.

As Dr. Thomas delivered on Mace-Archer-Mills’ vision to celebrate the four-nation Kingdom of Her Majesty in a symbolic audio of British accomplishment, her orchestration sets the stage for the musical circumnavigation of the globe to follow. As most new musical creations require a good professional demo, Van Der Mere successfully collaborated with his singing partner, Lyric Soprano, Georgina Dayer to produce a professional track accordingly as Mace-Archer-Mills, Van Der Mere, and Dr. Thomas began the hunt for the perfect voices to fit their creations. Assembling all of their contacts within the music and stage worlds, in addition to production and public relations, the trio was able to obtain some of the best and well-known voices in the business today. With a multi award-winning choir, the most recognised and celebrated British soprano, and one of the West End’s most well-known stage voices, Mace-Archer-Mills, Van Der Mere, and Dr. Thomas were able to bring their compositions to life through the celebrated talent of a diverse team which truly reflects the societies in which Her Majesty reigns over. The creation of such a profound celebration of Her Majesty during her Jubilee year, as well as the project management experience attached to such a vast project, has been a life highlight for both Mace-Archer-Mills and Van Der Mere, as well as Dr. Thomas.

All creators involved within the project would love to thank each and every one who so willingly and graciously contributed to their talents, skills, and hearts in making this project such a wonderful success thus far. The team would also like to thank Her Majesty for her record-breaking years of service, which have proven to be more than just example and inspiration, but aspiration, dedication, and duty – all attributes exhibited by the only Monarch they have ever known. It is with great admiration and affection that they proclaim, “God Save The Queen!”

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